Friday, 2 March 2012

The Fire in My Hair

  Red Hair, Copper Hair, Golden-Copper...Dark Red Hair...all sort of shades and tones...All in my favourite Red!
I love Red. Natural or not is my best - loved!


Because It is the most difficult colour to have, Because it is fun, it is creative!

Do you need some proves?
Here they are:

Dark golden Red base with some brighter low lights make this bob to stand out

Lots of low light in natural base

Funky but very girly

Natural and shy..slightly golden with  a touch of pure red

Red copper base with some streaks of bright golden copper and some extra red ones for fun and cheeky style

Natural curls with natural golden copper...can you see the highlight?Very balanced!

I love this cut and the colour..Couldn't be in different one!

Amazing work and creativity 

One almost easy colour to have and wear with pleasure...not so easy to achieve though.
So natural and sun - kissed

As I said- S E X Y

Short, red, copper. I wouldn't ask for more

What to say!? Well blended tones of copper and brown, red and gold.


Who can wear those shades?
Light skin tones,darker ones, very pale?
Just get it right!

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  1. 20Red is sexy, and there’s no doubt about it! If I will change my hairstyle, I would choose the “funky but girlie”. It says a lot about my personality, and for a change, I’ll be going from having straight hair to big curls. I’m sure that my friends will be shocked to see me with that hairstyle. Haha!

    -Lakisha Gelb